Twisting Machine

Twisting Machine

Double side, single layer, beautiful aspect, logic structure, easy operation;

High quality spindles perform a long-lasting stability under high speed running.

At the same time a capsule-type tension regulator is applied, accepting more extensive twisting conditions; Winding tension is regularly on the overfeed roller at will, so applicable to a loose and soft winding for dyeing purpose;Foot pedal barking to remove tangential belt from spindles, constant spindle speed, easy operation, also extending service life both of tangential belt and spindles;

Logic end remaining yarn structure makes latter operation job easy and handy;

Easily removable waxing device of air loop housing, bringing more adaptability to extensive yarn variety.

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  1. Andi Suherman

    Mohon informasi harga dan spesifikasi mesin twist buatan Indonesia kap. Kecil . Termasuk mesin tenun yg kapasitas kecil

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